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Media Studies 101|A Creative Commons Textbook

Media Studies 101.

I saw an item about the open textbook (link above) published and “…designed to be used by students in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific” in the Otago Daily Times or ODT to the cognoscenti.

The article can be found here

Good reading.


brain drainage

The previous post is dated – a while ago. We went to England in 2010. On the morning our plane landed at Heathrow – 23 hours of flight time broken by a short stay in the transit lounge of LAX – Labour had lost the election but no clear winner had emerged. The Tories were quite chirpy about the results and at that point we should have got a bite to eat, a snooze and got on the next flight back to New Zealand.

We stayed for another eighteen months before turning south again. We’ve been back in NZ since November 2011 and live by the sea in Karitane, Otago.

Hal Spacejock

I joined Hal Spacejock’s Support Crew

I didn’t pay anything,

I didn’t sign anything,

and I didn’t read the fine print.

Just like Hal!

No space pilot can exist in a vacuum (hah!), and behind every successful pilot there’s a talented and dedicated support crew.

Hal Spacejock is one of the least successful space pilots in the history of the galaxy, and a worldwide support crew is needed just to get him off the ground.

What’s in it for you?

| Join the team | – – – – – – – – – | Hal who? |

Hal Spacejock … Après moi le wreckage

Mandriva 2009

Well, it’s out. I should have downloaded the live one ISO yesterday when I first got wind of the release.
But no, I had to wait until this morning and naturally download speeds are atrocious. The best I could manage a while ago was 29 to 30 Kbps. My DownThemAll Firefox 3.0.3 extension, plug-in or add-on if you are pernickety about nomenclature, informs me that it would take 6 hours. I’m sure there is a faster server nearer home (although I have yet to find it) and so reluctantly I will leave it for a couple of days until the new release propagates to all the servers.

There is a person here in who drags down CD packs and single CDs but they charge $7.50 per CD which at less than 50 cents for a writable these days could hardly be said to fall within the remit of a friendly open source fanatic reaching out a helping hand. You know who you are sir! A couple of bucks would do you rightly.

Christchurch beckons

At long last I am leaving the valley for a couple of days. The cats are going to St Leonard’s. They have stayed there before. The last time was when we moved house. They share a cell room next to an interesting breed of cat called Maine Coon. They are beautiful creatures, but hey, there’s nothing like your own.

Be back in a couple of days.

Door frame attack

Got out of bed for pee.
No idea of time.
Decided not to scrabble blindly on bedside table for torch (I always knock it over).
Made it to door avoiding cats, shoes, end of bed (end of bed is tricky. a chap could get maimed).
Door jamb launches unprovoked attack.
Hugh stunned.
Hugh still standing when Polly clicks on her light.
Blood on brow.
Door frame unharmed.

Sunny Sunday

As I wrote the title of this post I had a horrid flash of a poem I once tried to write about or for or to the memory of a friend of mine who had died. I don’t think I got past the first line which was this:

On a raining monday day

Try as I might I was unable to move beyond this point. First lines are important. Yes? Yes. I have learned these things now. I have some stored away on another hard drive. We aren’t networked in this house or any other house for that matter. I transferred 4.7 GBs worth of data on to this cute little notebook a while back. I forgot about it and was about to reorganise my videos on the original PC and got that “where in yarbolg’s name have I hidden them now?” moment. I hoiked out the rewritable DVD and discovered there was only one video on the disk. Where were all the others?

I eventually found them on the notebook which means that there was more than one transfer but I have no memory of doing it. I decided to transfer them back to the PC. Still with me?

After setting up an image file I tried to burn it to the rewritable DVD but the software was having none of it. The program should have dealt with blanking the disk automatically but would not comply. Puzzle.

After a think I decided I would use a rewritable cd I had lying about and do the transferring in smaller chunks – they are small videos none of them more than 500 MBs. Then I remembered that the rewritable cd had died and I hadn’t replaced it yet.

Eventually I realised that if my memory was so deficient I might have overlooked another matter. Very simple matter indeed. The question I asked myself was this: have you ever burned a DVD on the notebook? The answer I got was this: well yes, I think so.

I decided to check the spec of the cd/dvd drive in this machine. I found out that I could never have burned a DVD in this drive because it does not write to DVDs.

Happy, happy, sunny sunday.