Mandriva 2009

Well, it’s out. I should have downloaded the live one ISO yesterday when I first got wind of the release.
But no, I had to wait until this morning and naturally download speeds are atrocious. The best I could manage a while ago was 29 to 30 Kbps. My DownThemAll Firefox 3.0.3 extension, plug-in or add-on if you are pernickety about nomenclature, informs me that it would take 6 hours. I’m sure there is a faster server nearer home (although I have yet to find it) and so reluctantly I will leave it for a couple of days until the new release propagates to all the servers.

There is a person here in who drags down CD packs and single CDs but they charge $7.50 per CD which at less than 50 cents for a writable these days could hardly be said to fall within the remit of a friendly open source fanatic reaching out a helping hand. You know who you are sir! A couple of bucks would do you rightly.


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